When asked “What would you say are the 3 biggest issues facing you and your family today?”, what would your answer be?

According to a study by advertising agency Euro RSCG London, one in two of us would answer financial insecurity as our biggest concern, this figure has jumped up by 38% in the last 6 months as more people may be seeking additional debt advice.

As people worry more about the credit crunch and the state of their personal finances, it means that they are worrying less about pre-credit crunch issues, such as global warming and the environment, as just 18% see this as one of their top three concerns.

Russ Lidstone, chief strategy officer at Euro RSCG London, commented that: “Our research highlights that financial insecurity and making ends meet have become the main priority for Britons from all walks of life. The phrase ‘Switch the lights off son – do you think I’m made of money?!’ can be heard ringing out in households across the country once again.”