If you are worried about your debt, you may be even more worried about getting debt advice. Putting your debts down on paper and wondering if there is a debt solution for you can seem a little daunting at first but a financial solutions company could help.

The credit crunch means that more people are seeking debt advice, but it can sometimes be confusing knowing where to look and how to know if you are getting the right debt advice for you. But don’t worry, One Advice are here to help.

You may be wondering: do I need debt advice? You may find that you can manage your payments now but fear the inevitable, as you are only making the minimum payments to your debt, you are still using your credit cards, you are often overdrawn, have little or no money left before payday and are only getting deeper into debt.

If can see yourself agreeing with any of the above statements, then chances are that you need debt advice. It is always advisable to seek debt advice at the first signs of financial trouble, and One Advice are here to make the process as simple and convenient as possible.

Do I Need Debt Advice?

Many people worry that they shouldn’t seek debt advice because they feel that their debt problems are a small financial problem compared to those who are thousands upon thousands of pounds in debt. But no matter whether your debt is big or small, getting debt advice can always prove useful. Remember:

It is not the amount of debt that you have but whether you can afford the debt.

One Advice are here to offer you the right kind of debt advice for your circumstances. We specialise in a selection of financial solutions, meaning that we could help you with your debt no matter what your circumstances:

Debts under £15,000? – A Debt Management Plan can help you rearrange your monthly debt repayments into one smaller payment to cover all of your unsecured debt. This will make it more manageable and your secured payments and living costs will also be taken into consideration so the Plan is affordable to you.

Debts over £15,000? – If your debt is over £15,000 then  an IVA may be the best debt solution for you. No other debt solution (besides bankruptcy) offers you any form of debt relief. An IVA is a formal debt solution where you agree to make set repayments for an average period of 60 months and, on completion of the IVA, any remaining debt will be written off.

The best form of debt advice is that which is personalised to you.  So please get in touch with one of our debt advisers by filling in your details in the Enquiry Form to the right hand side, we will call you back and our advisers will take details of your current financial circumstances in order to find a debt solution designed for YOU.