Debt worries are the biggest cause of stress with almost half (40%) of all adults being worried about the security of their jobs and their financial futures.

It is not just debt stress which we are all experiencing, it seems that we are turning into a nation of worries as we stress over problems with friends and family members (25%), health concerns (24%) and stress at work (22%). Coupled with debt worries is our concern about being made redundant from our jobs and unemployment, with almost a quarter (21%) of adults worried about this.

Senior health analyst at Mintel, Alexandra Richmond, who conducted the research commented: “Even though the recession may be over, people have become more aware of the fragility of their jobs, or indeed the price of their home, which is why employment and finance top our list of worries.”

It seems as though many of us are not seeking help with this stress, as only 6% of those surveyed would turn to professional help. If debt worries tops your stress list, One Advice can help. We can help with your unsecured debts by making them more affordable to you on a monthly basis.

If you have debt under £12,000 you may find that a Debt Management Plan can help you with your debt stress. We can make your debt more affordable to you on a monthly basis by negotiating with your creditors so you can benefit from a low monthly payment. We will take away any of the debt worries and stress that you are feeling as we will deal with your unsecured creditors on your behalf, just forward any contact onto us.

Those with debts over £12,000 may want to look at the IVA route. This is a legally binding contract between you and your creditors which allows you to repay only the debt that you can afford over a 60 month period, and any unpaid debt will be written off on completion of the agreement. If you have bankruptcy worries and fear losing your home, an IVA could be your opportunity to become debt free AND keep your home.