Debt worries can be all consuming, and may of those who are struggling with their debts and are in need of debt advice are taking their debt problems into the workplace.

According to recent research released by Axa, over 70% of us admit to feeling anxious about our finances and spend time thinking about the best way to deal with them, which includes times when we should be working. 5% of people say that they have also taken time off work because their debt problems have become to much to handle, which means that 1.4 million people have missed work due to debt worries.

Dudley Lusted, Head of Corporate Healthcare Development at AXA PPP healthcare, said: “Money worries have become more than a mild distraction amongst the UK workforce… Almost a third of employees already spend up to 15 minutes a day worrying about their finances so it makes sense to allow them to use that time to address these issues – with the boss’s blessing.”

The most pressing concern for most is repaying debt or bills but One Advice can help you with that. We can make your debt more affordable to you with one of our debt solutions, such as a debt management plan. Not only will this ensure that your debt repayments are affordable to you but will also include expenditure for your bills meaning these will be accounted for.