2009 was a pretty dire year financially but it seems like it wasn’t only businesses and world leaders who were experiencing financial worries and were in dire need of debt advice, as on in 20 people described 2009 as their worst year ever!

Research by the Samaritans reveals that almost half of us were most worried about money or debt throughout the year. It wasn’t just money worries which concerned us the most, and other hot topics included problems in relationships with family and friends, worries about physical health, fears over job security and stress at work.

Only 18% of us said they thought that last year had been a good year – so here’s to 2010!

Samaritans chief executive Catherine Johnstone says: “In the last year, we received five million calls and many of them were about the worries identified in this survey, with approximately one in every ten calls linked to financial stress… Sharing your troubles can be a huge relief and is often the first step to finding a way of coping with the challenges that life throws at all of us.”