The credit crunch means that many thrifty Brits are looking for ways to reduce debt by decreasing their cost of living. A study by Egg reports that 35% of us are eating and drinking less in order to make our pounds stretch further.

It seems as though we are all going to a back-to-basics lifestyle with many of us becoming more self-sufficient in order to save money and be free from debt worries. According to Egg, ways which we are making our money go further include:

* Using money-off coupons (58%)
* Switching from bottled to tap water (36%)
* Having a vegetable patch (23%)
* Cutting our own hair (19%)
* Brewing own beer to cut down on alcohol costs (6%)

There were also some more bizarre ways of saving on costs, including the 4% who have now taken to raising their own chickens!

Has the credit crunch made you cut back on spending? Are you avoiding debt by making small changes to your spending? Please leave a comment below and share your knowledge with our readers…