If you find that you are struggling with your debt then you need to get some form of debt help.

Nowadays it can be too easy to get credit for that new car or item of clothing that you must have! It is important that you get help for you debt, before it starts spiraling out of control.

How we can Help with Debt:

We offer many solutions to help those that are struggling with debt.

If you have low levels of debt, typically under £15,000 and want a way to reduce your monthly outgoings to your creditors, then a Debt Management Plan may be the answer. You will just pay one monthly amount to us and we will distribute that between your creditors. We will negotiate with creditors to try and get any interest or charges frozen.

If you have high levels of debt split between various creditors and you struggle to pay back even the minimum payment, then you might want to consider an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement). IVA legislation was introduced by the Government as a more practical alternative to bankruptcy. It works in a similar way to a Debt Management Plan, but it is legally binding with your creditors and any unaffordable debt is automatically written off on completion of the agreement!