It is no secret that the number of people involved with serious debt is rising at an alarming rate. And with this increase comes an increase in stress related conditions. Having financial problems can be stressful, and many people do not know how to cope with this stress. But how exactly does one cope with such a complex problem? Going to the pharmacy for some headache or anti anxiety pills is easy enough, but just how does that solve the real problem, your finances? Truth is, it doesn’t, and many experts will tell you that medication is not the answer to debt related stress.

The credit crunch seems to have affected us in a big way, not just our wallets, but our health as well. According to the Telegraph, a debt counselling charity called Christians Against Poverty has stated that there is a shocking increase in the amount of people approaching them with stress and anxiety problems. Of these people, 40 percent have been put on medication. More shocking is the fact that five percent of these lost souls (think they should be called something other than lost souls!!) have attempted suicide, with a further 31 percent admitting that they have considered it. Obviously something has to be done before things get worse.

Many people seek the advice of medical practitioners to help them with their stress stemming from financial woes. But what many people need is someone who will offer them advice, not a quick fix to make them feel physically better. Stress has quite a few tell tale physical signs, like headaches, panic attacks, high blood pressure and hyperventilation. What medical experts need to do is listen to the problems of their patients before prescribing pills. Stress is more of an emotional and mental condition than a medical one.

When people stress, they feel like they have lost control of their lives. These feelings of helplessness, desperation and confusion can be overwhelming. This can therefore lead to depression and anxiety, two very real and serious conditions. And what is worse, your sleeping and eating patterns may also be affected.

If you find yourself in this rather unfortunate position, it is best that you seek professional advice straight away. But there are a few things you can do yourself, such as trying to change your mindset. There are many legitimate reasons why people get into debt, so the last thing you should do is blame yourself. Here are a few more helpful tips on how you can cope under stress and start regaining control over your life.

  • Learn to make time to relax each day, or do something that makes you feel happy and content
  • Try to avoid nicotine, caffeine and alcohol as these can increase stress
  • Accept that everybody makes mistakes and learn from them instead of putting yourself down
  • Don’t go through this alone. Talk to a professional or a trusted friend. Do not bottle up your feelings. This will only add to your stress