The average working adult is paying over £24,000 in shop-made sandwiches, based on £2.50 a day over a working period of 40 years.

If you are looking for a way to become debt free, it seems that making your own lunchtime sandwiches could be the start of you paying back your debt back that little bit faster. Research by Warburtons suggests that by just making one sandwich a week would reduce your lunch bill by £4,800, excluding the cost of the filling.

The average sandwich rakes less than three minutes to make, so ‘having no time’ is not an excuse. You could even make it the night before so you can snooze for those extra minutes.

Brits are thought to be spending about £600 a year for ready-made lunches. Jessica Bowker, Warburtons spokesperson, comments: “It’s no secret that we spend unnecessary amounts of money on ready-made lunches. But it’s staggering when you find out exactly how much is spent.”