PimpYourFinances.com have published a highly informative blog post which poses the question: Are You Honest With Money?

This question is something very interesting to think about especially if you are trying to take greater control over your debt management; even if our financial intentions are good there can be pitfalls along the way which sees us wasting money when we should be using it pay off our debts.

Am I Honest With Money?

  • Do you put money away into your savings but find that you have to withdraw it because you have not managed to stick to your budget?
  • Do you congratulate yourself by saying ‘no’ to your morning latte but later treat yourself to something from the vending machine?
  • Do you miss payments to your credit card debt, not because you cannot afford them but because you simply forgot?

If you can answer yes to any of the above then it could be time to get your budget in order. Start simple – take a note of how much you spend over the month and write it all down. Make sure you take a note of everything from your weekly supermarket shop, weekend splurge or chocolate bar from the corner shop; every penny really does add up.