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What effect will a CCJ have on your credit rating?

How does a CCJ affect your credit rating?

If you don’t repay money you owe, the creditor can take court action. They can register a County... Read More

You can get help if you can’t sleep due to debt problems

Can’t sleep because of debt?

As it’s National Bed Month (March 2018), it’s the perfect time to focus on getting a good night’s... Read More

Not sleeping can mean bad financial decisions

Not sleeping? It could affect your finances

This month (March 2018), it’s National Bed Month, a campaign focused on the importance of a good night’s... Read More

Can the bailiffs enter your house without permission?

Can the bailiffs enter your house?

If you’ve fallen behind with debt repayments, you could find a bailiff knocking at your door. But if... Read More

Woman turned down for credit

Turned down for credit: What you can do

Getting turned down for credit can be disappointing. And if you don’t know why the lender rejected you,... Read More

How to get help with debt

More people were insolvent in 2017: How you can get help with your debts

The number of people who were insolvent in 2017 was up from the previous 12 months. That’s according... Read More


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