With cycling in the news – have you thought about getting in the saddle and seeing how much you could be saving from your monthly expenditure?

Cycling and other more active life style choices could save you a small fortune. It could pay for your holiday, cover the council tax bill or help you get on top of your debts.

“In 1904, 20 per cent of journeys were made by bicycle in London. I want to see a figure like that again. If you can’t turn the clock back to 1904, what’s the point of being a Conservative?”
– Boris Johnson

With Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour De France, the British public will be taking to their bikes in numbers not seen for decades.

If you’ve got an old bike in the shed, dust it off, a bit of oil & try cycling to work. It’ll keep you fit & save money.

If Mr Johnson (some other Mr Johnson, not Boris) lives 3.5 miles from work:

He’ll travel 7 miles per day, 35 miles per week.

If the car averages 35 mpg (35 miles equates to 4.5litres).

Average cost of unleaded is £1.33 per litre, therefore Mr Johnson spends £5.99 per week on petrol.

On its own it doesn’t sound like a great saving but over 12 months he’s saving £311. Plus he’s getting fit and  saving wear on the car. Tyres & servicing intervals increased.

The local conservative club is only a short walk but in the past he’s always taken the car. Why not walk or cycle? Again saving a little bit more.

Since he’s getting fit, why not take lunches to work rather than eating out everyday. It’s easy to spend £5 per day eating out, a sandwich, a drink, packet of crisps, a cake for the afternoon coffee, maybe treat work colleagues to a doughnut. That’s £25 per week, £1,300 per year.

A loaf of bread can be bought for £1, which would last all week, £2 for a weeks worth of sliced ham. Change the crisps for a banana, 20p. Let someone else buy the doughnuts as he’s being healthy and avoiding paying for costly drinks. A totla cost of £4 per week, saving £1092 per year.

Mr Johnson  is really now feeling the benefit of the healthier lifestyle so he has decided to cut down the twice weekly takeaway for the family to just once a week, saving himself £30 per week, £1560 per year.

So far cycling and a some better eating choices has saved Mr Johnson £57 per week, £2963 per year. What if Mrs Johnson made similar savings? That’s about £5000 per year!

In the real world it may not be possible to cycle to work EVERY day (especially in the UK) but if they save a hypothetical £5000 between them, then even half of that is paying for the family holiday.

We don’t all have to win the Tour de France to see the benefits of cycling, it can benefit everyone – ask Mr Johnson.

“Get on your bike and ride”
Check out this time lapse film of a 40 minute commute through London compresseed to 5 minutes.