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Go from a bad credit rating to a better one

How to go from a bad credit rating to a better one

If you’ve had problems with your credit rating in the past, you’re probably wondering how long it takes... Read More

How can I check my credit rating for free?

Check your credit rating for free

Checking your credit file to see what shape it’s in is always a good idea. It lets you... Read More

Does voting improve your credit rating?

Does voting improve your credit rating?

With the General Election 2017 just round the corner, you’ve probably thought about registering to vote. You might... Read More

Confused man looking for answers

Credit score myth: Is there a credit blacklist?

We’ve all heard about it – the so-called credit blacklist. If you find yourself on this – so... Read More

Soft credit search information

What is a soft credit search?

You may have heard of the term 'soft credit search', 'soft search' or 'eligibility check' when applying for... Read More

credit score

How debt solutions affect your credit score and the effects

Anyone who has gone through the process of managing their debts through a Debt Management Plan (DMP), IVA,... Read More

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