Easter is always an expensive time of year and usually the weather isn’t warm enough to let your children play outside, but the credit crunch means that you also can’t afford to spend much extra cash.

So how can you entertain your kids during the Easter holidays whilst on a credit crunch budget? Here are 5 money saving tips…

credit crunch easter holidays

1: Have an “Unbirthday” – Pinch the idea from Alice in Wonderland and celebrate your child’s ‘Unbirthday’. You can make a cake together, blow up balloons and invite other children around to celebrate. You might want to ask other parents to do the same or chip in for some party food so that you can keep your costs low.

2: Old-School Card Games – Take a trip down memory lane and encourage your children to play some of the old card games which you used to do as a child. These can be picked up pretty cheaply or you might have some stored from your youth, and there are a number of different games you could play, such as Go Fish, Old Maid, Donkey or Happy Families.

3: Invest in a family computer game – Games consoles are notoriously anti-social, but there are a number of family games which allow the whole family to play along. As a holiday treat you could buy one of these games which the whole family can play together.

4: Paper Mache – Paper mache may be messy but it is also very fun and allows your children to explore their creative site. All you need is some flour, water and old newspapers.

5: Piggy Bank Plundering – Keeping with the financial essence of this blog, if your children have piggy banks or you have jars of loose change lying around the house, you could give your child the task of counting up the money. You could use this extra cash to treat them to a family outing, such as trip to the cinema, or ask if they want to put it into a savings account for a larger purchase.