Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And even before these credit-crunch times, we all know how it can often turn out to a very expensive day to show your love, especially if your other half has expensive tastes! But it is possible to be romantic whilst living on a credit crunch budget. Here are some ways to beat the credit crunch and still have a romantic day….

1: Be romantic and cook a meal… Cook your partner’s favourite meal at home instead of facing a bustling restaurant where the romantic atmosphere is bound to be spoiled by at least one arguing couple. Not only will cooking at home provide you with a more romantic and intimate atmosphere with the addition of some cleverly placed candles and soft music, but you can also avoid over-priced wine and the waiter’s tip!

2: Go for a walk, or a drive… If it is too cold to go for a romantic walk, then go for a drive to those ‘special places’ from the past, such as the place you first met or shared your first kiss and talk about the good times together, and maybe even re-live them.

3: Write a love note or soppy poem… Use the blank space in your Valentine’s card imaginatively. Write a love note or romantic poem which they will be sure to treasure. And if you are stuck for romantic words, try writing out an old verse which truly expresses how you feel.

4: Put together a mix CD or MP3 playlist... Go back to your teenage years when you used to compile a mixed-tape for your latest crush. Put together all those songs which mean so much to you, or your favourite romantic songs. Your partner will be very impressed by the thought and you can use them in idea number 1.

5: Make heart-shaped treats… Use the credit crunch as an excuse to reignite your culinary skills. Bake heart shaped chocolates, cookies or cakes together from scratch.

6: Rent a DVD, get a takeaway and a bottle of wine… Nothing can de-stress you more than sitting down together and watching a DVD (to stick with the Valentine’s theme, make it a romantic one!). Turn the lights down low and cuddle up on the couch together with your favourite bottle of wine, much more romantic than a jam-packed cinema.

7: Candles, candles and more candles… Nothing says romance as much as candles do. Tea light candles are really cheap to buy. Purchase a bag and dot them all around the house to really set the Valentine’s mood.

8: Make your own Valentine’s Day card… It can be much cheaper, and much more personal to make your own Valentine’s day card. Find some romantic pictures of the two of you to use this as your basis. Putting some rose petals in the envelope is an additional romantic touch.

9: Create your own snow messages… If it is snowing this weekend, and chances are it could be, make a solution of water and red food colouring to surprise your loved one with written love notes in the snow. And take a picture in case the snow starts to melt.

10: Forget about your finances, just for the day… If you really are struggling with debt then sometimes it can be very hard to forget about your problems. Even if you are worried about your debt management plans, try to push it aside for just one day. As you can see from the tips above, you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a romantic valentine’s day with your loved one.

Have we missed out any cheap credit crunch Valentine’s ideas? If so then please feel free to add your suggestions in the comment box below…