The worse of the credit crunch is over, or so we are told, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go back to your old spending habits. There are a number of excellent money saving ideas to stick to and ensure that you can keep your debt management in check.

Many of us found ourselves coping with the worst of the credit crunch by adopting new money-saving strategies that were designed to cut costs, avoid spending more than our income and ensured that our personal finances are in check. Now that the credit crunch is improving, it is important that we don’t abandon these credit crunch spending ideas and find ourselves returning to our old ways of spending.

There are a number of ways to save money, and the following tips are really simple to keep to meaning you can save money easily, which is what everyone wants to do!:

  1. Voucher Codes. These were buoyant during the worse of the credit crunch when companies tried to make sure that we still kept spending with them. But the good news is there are still gems to be found and these vouchers could save you a significant amount. You can use these funds to pay off your debts a little bit quicker.
  2. Comparison Shopping. Don’t feel the need to be loyal to your supermarket. Shopping at different retailers means that you may be able to save yourself some additional money by taking advantage of instore special offers! Don’t forget that you don’t have to buy branded goods or the best supermarket ranges, standard store brands can be just as good, and even better for your bank balance.
  3. Comparison Websites. It is not just your grocery shopping where you can save money by switching stores; comparison websites have opened up a number of different opportunities which allow you to save yourself money on all sorts from travel insurance, home insurance, car insurance etc. Make sure you take advantage of these offers and don’t spend more than you have to.

Learn to embrace your new-found frugal ways and these credit crunch spending ideas to make sure you can take greater control of your finances without making any major sacrifices to your standard of living.