The credit crunch may be splashed over the headlines but it seems as though not everyone has adjusted their spending habits in a bid to remain free from debt, according to research by the Norwich and Peterborough Building Society (N&P).

The N&P note that many people are avoiding debt by cutting down on holidays, meals out and retail spending, but few people have completely cut out these luxuries altogether:
Holidays Abroad: 13% are avoiding holiday debt by not going on holiday at all but 44% of people have no interest in changing their vacation plans.
Eating Out:
36% of people are enjoying meals out at the same rate as last year, whilst only 14% admit that they have put a stop to eating meals in restaurants.
Retail Therapy:
Shopping for clothes and luxuries seems to be the area where most people are cutting down their spending in order to avoid having to seek advice on debt problems. Women seem to be cutting down the most as 51% are spending less in the shops, compared with just 40% of men. Around 10% of both men and women have cut out clothes spending altogether.

However, as prices rise there are areas where spending more money becomes inevitable. 75% of families said that they have been spending more on gas, electricity, vehicle fuel and supermarket shopping. This figure declines to, a still high, 59% for those without dependent children.

N&P group product manager Gary Lacey said: “It is interesting that a large proportion of those who took part in our survey don’t appear to be taking drastic measures with their finances just yet. However our figures do reveal that families are being affected more than most by rising costs.”