Not only have takeaways become the victim of the credit crunch, but it seems as though more cash-strapped Brits are spending their Saturday nights at home as their disposable income is on the decrease.

According to a new survey by Halifax Home Insurance, 60% of those polled now spend Saturdays nights at home with friends and family rather then go out to restaurants or for an evening at the local pubs and clubs.

84% have admitted that the change in weekend spending habits is due to an active effort to try to manage debt levels as they struggle against the credit crunch and soaring household bills. Many are willing to share debt free tips as 73% said they plan to share money-saving ideas with friends and family.

Paul Birkhead, of Halifax Home Insurance, said: “They say Brits are at their best when times are challenging, and our research clearly shows we’re being resourceful in watching the pennies while looking to have a good time – and it’s bringing people together.”