Bad financial decisions can be a fact of life for many people, whether it was getting into store card debt or frivolous credit card spending. have comprised a list of what people said was their biggest financial blunders!

Top of the list is investing money poorly, as one in 8 claim that poor investing decisions in stocks or schemes, is their biggest cause of financial woes.

The second most popular financial blunder is debt problems and borrowing more than you could ever realistically afford to pay off. One in 17 people see credit card debt as their biggest financial worry.

Struggling with Credit Card Debt?

If you are struggling with your credit card debt or store card debt, then it is important that you seek specialist help sooner rather than later. A Debt Management Plan could be a way for you to consolidate your debt into one lower payment. A debt management company will negotiate with your creditors and some are willing to freeze additional interest or charges on your debt.