Council Tax is classed as a priority debt, therefore it is very important that you keep make the required payment as it falls due.

It seems that more of us are getting into council tax debt, and the Liberal Democrats released reports which shows that over a million people were summoned to court for non-payment of council tax and local councils filed for bankruptcy against over 1,700 people who were suffering from council tax arrears.

council tax arrears

How Debt Management Can Help with Council Tax Arrears

Now whilst these statistics are very scary, debt management could help you get your debts under control meaning that you will have additional income to repay your council tax arrears.

If you are getting into arrears with your council tax because you also have high and unaffordable levels of non-priority bills, such as store card or credit card debt, a Debt Management Plan could lower your payments to your non-priority debts which will make your council tax much more affordable.

A Debt Management Plan only requires you to pay what is affordable. We will deal with your non-priority creditors on your behalf and negotiate with them so that they will accept you making lower monthly payments to your debt, and some additionally freeze interest and charges.

We can offer you a wealth of information on a number of debt management techniques and, if a debt management plan is not suitable for you, you may benefit from another one of our debt solutions such as an IVA.