If you’ve never switched your energy provider, you might think it’s a long and difficult process. And even if you can get a better deal, it might seem too hard to change energy supplier.

But actually, it’s pretty easy to move your gas and electricity bills to a new supplier. Once you’ve found a great deal, it only takes a few simple steps to switch. And then, you can start saving money in just a few weeks.

Here’s how you can change energy supplier and cut your gas and electricity bills.

Finding a cheap energy deal

First step, you need to find a good energy deal. The best way to do this is through a price comparison site like uSwitch or MoneySuperMarket. These can show a range of deals from different energy providers – and you can pick the best one for you.

Some price comparison sites will show you deals from preferred energy suppliers first. So, to get a complete picture, get quotes from a few different price comparison sites.

For the best results, have your household’s typical energy consumption to hand. You can get this from a recent energy bill. If you don’t have one, the price comparison set will usually let you estimate based on the size of your house and your lifestyle.

There are a few things you need to check rather than just automatically going for the cheapest energy deal. For example, do you need to sign up to the deal for two years? And if you leave before the end of this, will you have an early exit fee? Is the price fixed or can it change?

Make sure you have a complete picture of the energy deal before you agree to anything.

How you can change energy supplier

Once you’ve picked the best deal for you, you can change energy supplier quite quickly. You’ll need to put in your full name and address. You’ll also need to give your bank details – this is to set up the Direct Debit.

If your supplier is signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee, the process should take no more than 21 days. When you change energy supplier, your new provider will arrange everything and even tell your old provider that you’re leaving.

You then have a ‘cooling off’ period of two weeks where you can change your mind about the energy switch. If this happens, just tell your new provider you don’t want to switch anymore.

Within six weeks of switching, your old energy provider should send you a final bill. If you owe any money, this is when you’ll have to pay it.

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