Average fuel prices have now risen by the highest margin this century, with diesel at almost 12 pence per litre more expensive than petrol. Combined with high oil prices this is leading to almost record breaking prices.

The highest price for unleaded fuel was seen in London to an average of 113.3p, with the national average at 112.6p. The highest diesel price was in Wales at 124.7p, with the average at 124.2p. Even though the petrol prices are climbing higher each month, the government have reported that there are only 2% less traffic on the roads.

Research by the AA shows that The UK has ranked as the 2nd highest diesel price in Europe, and 9th place for unleaded. This is leading people to leave their cars at home as the AA reveal that 16% of their 17,500 members polled had decided to travel less by car.

Ray Holloway, director of the Petrol Retailers Association, predicts that these prices could get even higher by the bank holiday weekend: “I expect that motorists and diesel users in particular are going to pay more at the pumps in the coming weeks, possibly as soon as the bank holiday, from where they are now.”