The number of County Court Judgments issued has risen from 245,424 to 344,109 over the past year, Registry Trust Limited (RTL) statistics confirm.

The total value of consumer CCJs now stands at £797.9m. However, the average value of a CCJ has dropped to £2,319. Chair of the Registry Trust Malcolm Hurlston puts this seeming paradox down to lender and collector behaviours:

Chair of the Registry Trust has linked the rise in CCJs with the increase in the amount of debts sold to collection companies.

“Lenders have increasingly been selling debt to specialist companies who are more likely to go for judgements, even for smaller sums. As a result the average judgement value has fallen while the number of judgements has leaped.”

Conversely, the number of CCJs against businesses has dropped by 10% compared with the same period last year, with total value of £194 million. This, Hurlston argues, is more demonstrative of the wider state of finances in the UK:

“The number of CCJs against businesses has halved in the five years since the recession bit. The economy appears to be set fair.”

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