Cheese can go with pretty much anything. It’s an everyday item in most household shopping baskets as you’re likely to eat around 11.6kg of cheese per year in the UK (International Dairy Federation). We put one of the UK’s most popular cheeses, Cathedral City, up against Aldi’s own brand cheddar.


In a blind taste test we preferred Cathedral City as it had a creamier taste. As a further comparison we decided to try it on a sandwich, homemade pizza and some pasta. There was not much difference we could taste when the cheeses were cooked. Although in the sandwich there was a slightly different taste compared to the Aldi version. Overall, the Aldi cheese was good. Cooking with it was easy, cutting it was fine and the taste was, well, cheesy.


A lot of supermarket and premium cheeses come in re-sealable packaging. The Aldi cheese had a velcro strip that you could seal when you needed to. The same idea as the Cathedral City cheese which has a re-sealabe strip. The Aldi packaging was easier to fasten than the Cathedral City packaging, which did come apart occasionally. Both cheeses stayed fresh for a few days which meant we could use on multiple occasions.


In most supermarkets you can find Cathedral City on sale for about £3.50 ( We can only remember a few occasions where this would be on offer as a cut-price deal or a multibuy promotion. In these circumstances you may be able to find it for £2.50. The Aldi cheese now normally retails for around £1.50 for the same 350g pack – having previously been on sale for £1.79 earlier this year. So that’s at least a £1 saving per pack.

Nutritional Info

From a nutritional point of view, both products were near identical for fat, salt and calorie content.

Values per 100g Cathedral City Aldi
Calories 416 416
Fat(g) 34.9 35
Salt(g) 1.8g 1.8g


There’s no doubt that Cathedral City is the number one choice for cheese lovers. You’d be crazy not to consider this as a regular item in your shopping basket. But for less than the RRP of the market leading cheese you’ll be hard pressed to get a taste that works well with sandwiches and other cheese based dishes. Cathedral City is the UK’s favourite cheese for a reason. But don’t let that put you off from the decent taste, and price, of Aldi’s own brand offering.