The financial blogosphere – yes, it is a word – has been buzzing with news and information for the past couple of years. One of the more controversial topics was whether it is possible to stop spending for a month or even an entire year of spending stingily. Most people, however, try the no-spend day strategy. And they blog about it.

Could you do it? Not spend any money for a day. How ambitious a project would it be and would it be too difficult?

It is a worthy idea, though. We do not need most of the overpriced things we buy, never mind how much marketing companies tell us otherwise. Even if you only spend money on lattes, you could be using that money to pay off debt.

Challenge yourself to one day of no spending on anything. Do this once a month or once a week. During that day, reflect on what you would’ve bought and think if helps you in any way. Create a blog or keep an old-fashioned journal for the duration of the experiment. You will be in good company.