British drivers are paying more for filling up their vehicles than other European countries since 2000, according to a new poll by uSwtich. Spanish drivers are being charged an average of 96p per litre for their petrol, compared with last months British average of £1.19. The same is true with diesel, it is an average of £1 per litre in Spain but it rockets to £1.33 a litre in the UK.

This is surely going to be adding to debt levels, as British motorists pay an additional £350 per year for their petrol. The difference in price is largely do to the amount of tax, currently 59p of every £1 spent at the UK pumps goes to the Government.

Mark Monteiro, insurance expert at, said “Although the Government has postponed the 2p rise in fuel duty until October, consumers still have a right to feel hard done by. We currently pay 7% more to fill our cars with petrol than our European neighbours, forking out an average of £1,753 a year to run our cars.”