We’re passionate about saving money. So we’re reviewing some of the top brands with cheaper equivalents to see if they’re worth the money. Today we’re comparing Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream with Aldi’s own brand.


There’s not much in it here and any fan of Ben and Jerry’s will know the great flavour on offer. Although you can taste the difference the Aldi version still tasted good. The texture of the Aldi’s ice cream did differ with the cookie dough chunks being slightly smaller. But to be fair we’re just being picky here.


Both products are pretty similar when it comes to packaging. The Aldi version fits comfortably in the freezer and isn’t too fiddly to open.  The only criticism with both is that the lid can get a bit soggy if you take it out of the freezer and leave it out.

Both containers can be recycled.


Aldi’s ice cream comes in at £1.99. You can find Ben and Jerry’s priced between £2.24 and £4 at the big four supermarkets. (April 2016, mysupermarket.co.uk). In our experience you’ve got to be quick when any multi-buy or price promotions are on offer for cookie dough ice cream.

Nutritional info

The Aldi ice cream is lower in sugar, fat and calories – the below is based on a 100ml serving – which is roughly two scoops.

Aldi Ice Cream Ben and Jerry’s
Fat 8.6g 13g
Calories 177 230
Sugar 17g 21g

 If you’re watching your calorie intake, as well as eating ice cream, then the Aldi version is the less naughty of the two.


For £1.99 Aldi’s cookie dough ice cream is well priced. Even if you’re an ice cream fanatic you won’t find much reason to be put off this popular ice cream. It’s a great alternative to Ben and Jerry’s and will save a couple of pounds in your pocket – which we always love. There are decent amounts of cookie dough, so you don’t need to scoop too far for the good bits, and it tastes great.

So what’s our advice? Switch and save – unless you can get the Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream cheaper!

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