Increase in Bankruptcy fee from 21st July 2016

The costs associated with bankruptcy in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are set to increase for the first... Read More

credit score

How debt solutions affect your credit score and the effects

Anyone who has gone through the process of managing their debts through a Debt Management Plan (DMP), IVA,... Read More


New online process for Bankruptcy from April 2016

From April 6th 2016 there will be a new process to help people enter Bankruptcy. This involves submitting... Read More

Total Individual Insolvencies up in third quarter of 2015 

Total individual insolvencies have increased for the first time since the second quarter of 2014 according to Insolvency... Read More

Female insolvencies overtake male during 2014

The number of women facing insolvency proceedings has overtaken men for the first time ever.   Figures released... Read More

Consumer debt crisis shifting from unsecured borrowing to arrears in priority bills

While official figures are showing an overall decrease in insolvency, forecasts from other influential bodies suggest that the consumer... Read More


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