Relationships are difficult enough when there is plenty of money around, so they can be disastrous without money. There are many surveys on this subject: some couples struggle to manage their finances. This may be learnt behaviour from their parents or it may be newly acquired habits that take a toll on the relationship.

If you want your relationship to survive the money woes it is important that you and your partner discuss everything.

Does your partner know how much you are worth? Even financially secure couples may not know their partner’s net worth: the wife may have emergency money stashed away or the husband may have a secret club membership. There are even books out there which encourage women to hide money from their husband, but this should not really be encouraged if you want to be financially open with your partner, not even when spending money on luxury items.

Talk about your salaries, debt, and common financial goals. Setting up a budget is important – as long as you ensure that you both stick to it. If the other partner doesn’t know you have a lot of debt, find a way to tell him or her. And do it before things start looking financially bleak or bleaker than what they are now.