It’s that one time of year when everyone can be just a little bit silly. Yes it’s April Fools’ day. But just in case you need something up your sleeve in order to play a prank then read on.


The upside down computer screen

One of the easiest yet little known functions on a windows PC or laptop is that you can turn the screen upside down with just 3 buttons. Pressing the control, alt and arrow down keys together flips the screen upside down. Depending on your network settings it may or may not work and you’ll need to make sure that the user is also logged on (i.e. they’ve not not locked their machine) for it to work.


Change the O and P keys on the keyboard

This needs a little more effort but nothing too hard. Simply prize either key out of the keyboard (by using a knife or something similar) and then swap them over. This is not recommended for laptop keyboards as the keys are much harder to replace! Then see how long it takes for the unsuspecting person to notice. This joke is even more effective if the person’s password includes the letters ‘o’ and ‘p’.


Cover the mouse sensor on an optical mouse

Again another simple yet effective prank which needs nothing more than a mouse and a post-it note. Assuming the mouse you’re about to prank is an optical mouse (those with a red light when you turn them over) then this will work. Simply tear off a strip of a post-it note and stick this over the red light sensor. The result is a functioning mouse which no longer moves.


Leave a note or other items in the boot of someone’s car

This one is a little more stealth but it has maximum impact. If you have a colleague or friend whose car keys can remotely open the boot of their car then you’re in. All you need to do is open the boot from afar and then leave a note in the car – such as “I know what you did last summer”. Alternatively you could leave other items in there which could cause maximum embarrassment too.


The iphone prank

We’ve saved the best till last. Anyone who has an iphone with Siri can be the victim here, depending on if they have bothered to change their security settings. As you know Siri on the iphone lets you tell it what to do. However what a lot of people don’t know is that the feature also works when the phone is locked. Assuming they’ve left their phone out, even if it’s locked, simply hold down the centre button and see if the phone lets you ask it something. If you hear the 2 beeps then you’re in. So you can either text someone a message or if you’re really naughty, you can set an alarm for 3am tomorrow morning.


By the way, if you need to flip the screen back up hold down control, alt and arrow up.