Credit card companies do not want you to pay off your credit card debt. Why? Because, the more credit card debt you have, the more interest you have to pay. And interest is what credit card companies need the most. Credit card companies have helped to create the belief that credit card debt is part of our lifestyle.

We have learnt to accept it as part of life and that there is nothing you can do to escape it. A lot of people are spending more money than they make, and this increases their debt at an alarming rate. As your credit card balances increase, so does your minimum monthly payments. Eventually there comes a time when you will not even be able to afford your minimum monthly payments due.

Many people have fallen into the credit card trap. They spend money paying off other debt while using their credit cards to finance their way of life. Having a credit card is very convenient, and it is this convenience that has caused people to abuse it. Why not compare your monthly income to your credit card limit. It’s amazing how much larger your credit card limit is. We use credit cards for just about everything, and to max it out is pretty easy.

So how do you escape the credit card trap and regain control over your finances? Firstly, you should change your attitude towards your credit card debt and money in general. Here are 6 tips on how to break free from the credit card debt cycle.

1) Treat your credit card as if it is a loan. It is after all a loan the bank has given you that you have to pay back. You borrow the money and you have to pay it back. Change your attitude.

2) Always keep track of your balance. Instead of watching your credit card limit, take a look at your monthly earnings. Make sure that your credit card balance does not exceed your monthly earnings and how much you can afford for that month.

3) Keep all your purchase receipts. Costly errors can be cleared up quickly if you have the necessary receipts. It can also help you work out how much you are spending and potentially how much you have to pay the following month. Put your receipts in a safe place where you will see them everyday. As you pile of receipts grow, so too will your credit card debt grow.

4) Pay off your whole balance on time every month. This is the safest way to make sure that you are not in arrears. In this way you do not pay interest and there are no late penalties. And in the long run, the savings will be huge.

It you are struggling with paying off your debt, there are different options that can help. You may want to consolidate credit card debt, or get credit card counseling. They may be able to provide some insight and make it easier to get a grip on your monthly payments.

5) Use your credit cards only in emergencies. Easier said than done, your credit cards should be viewed as emergency cards. Don’t take them shopping or to restaurants, instead use your debit card or cash. If you use cash or your debit card you can spend until your bank account is empty, but at least once its empty you will have nothing more to spend. Amazingly, a lot of people are more comfortable with their credit cards being maxed out than having an empty bank account.

6) Keep you lowest interest rate credit cards and bin the rest. If you don’t have extra credit cards, you won’t find have the urge to use them.

Credit card companies thrive on individuals with high credit balances and high interest rates. But by changing your attitude and realizing that your credit card should not be abused, you too can enjoy a debt-free lifestyle. By using these 6 useful techniques, you may be able to break free from credit card debt.