Over £5 billion per year is wasted by Brits who choose to have a shop-brought lunch instead of making their own. According to research carried out by Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW), we leave the equivalent in sandwich and lunchbox foods to go off in favour of buying sandwiches and takeaways at lunch time.

The idea of the research is to make us more aware of the amount of food which is going into landfills, including £821m worth of bread a year. However it seems as though there will be no change in British eating habits, as although 80% of British workers have access to a microwave and 86% to a fridge, only one in five uses up leftovers for their lunchtime meal.

Julia Falcon, from LFHW, comments:”Even though the individual cost of lunch isn’t that much, if you add it up over a month it amounts to an awful lot of money that we are spending… and when you match that against the food we’ve already got in the house, it doesn’t make sense.”