There are a number of reasons why you need debt advice, and people come to One Advice for help and advice about their debts due to a number of different reasons. But the great news is that help is at hand, no matter how impossible your debt situation may seem there are debt solutions available.

Here are 3 reasons why you may need debt advice:

  1. Unemployment: Since the begging of the credit crunch the number of people unemployed or facing redundancy has increased. Losing this income combined with little savings means that people can soon find that they are struggling with an increasing amount of debt that they simply cannot afford to pay.
  2. Debt Management Problems: Many people struggle with juggling multiple debt repayments which are due multiple times of the month and many tend to ignore these problems in the hope that they will go away. In reality we all know that burying our heads in the sand will not work when it comes to dealing with debt management problems.
    The sooner you contact a professional financial management company, such as One Advice, the sooner you can get help with your personal debt management problems and solve them with one of our debt solutions which will be tailor-made for your circumstances.
  3. Change of personal circumstances: As well as unemployment, there can be a number of personal reasons why you may need debt advice and why your finances get too much to handle. For example, you may be out of work due to illness and statutory sick pay means you are earning far less than your usual income. Divorce and separation can also be a very stressful time both personally and financially as you may find that you cannot fund your existing lifestyle.

No matter what the reason you need debt advice, there is no need to despair. A good financial management company will be understanding about the situational changes which have caused you to need debt advice and will do their best to ensure that a suitable debt solution, whether is be an IVA, Debt Consolidation Loan, Debt Management Plan or Bankruptcy,  can be found for your debt problems.