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Financial Management Plans


Consolidate debts into affordable, flexible payments without getting another loan.

  • Payments to suit you - monthly, weekly, 2 or 4 weekly
  • We deal with your creditors.
  • Payments from £80 per month.

A Financial Management Plan (FMP) allows you to repay your debts at a level based on what you can afford, rather than how much you owe.

We negotiate with your creditors to accept a reduced payments, allowing you to meet your living expenses. The amount your creditors receive is assessed on a pro-rata basis based on the amount owed to each.

Financial Management Plan - Key Benefits

people on financial management plan

Did You Know?
Currently about 750,000 people in the UK are using a financial management plan to repay their debts.

  • Affordability
    No more struggling to find money you haven't got.
  • Just One Payment
    No more juggling many payments to creditors on different days. You make a single payment to us and we make timely payments to your creditors on your behalf.
  • Less stress
    No more harassing calls and mail. We deal with your creditors/debt collectors for you. Refer any creditor letters and phone calls to us and we'll represent you.
  • Flexibility
    If your circumstances change, you may be able to lower or raise your payments accordingly or decide you no longer need our services. There is no binding contract.
  • Interest stopped on debts*
    In the majority of cases, we are able to get charges stopped and future interest suspended.

Important Considerations

While a financial management plan has many benefits, you should take into account the following points.

  • Credit rating
    Entering into a plan means contractual payments will be missed and your debt and repayment term could increase. Your credit rating will be impaired and it may be harder to obtain credit in the medium to long term as records are retained by credit reference agencies for six years. However, repaying your debt via an FMP is more favourable to your credit rating than continuing to miss payments.
  • Not all debts can be included
    See debts we can help with for more details of what can and cannot be included in a plan.
  • Your responsibilities
    It is your responsibility to continue to make payments to creditors that are not/cannot be included in your plan. Failure to pay any taxes, fines, child support payments and other certain debts could result in a loss of access to essential goods or services or repossession of, or eviction from, your home. If the arrangement fails and you do not make alternative arrangements to pay your creditors, there is a risk of bankruptcy.
  • Fees
    Any advice we give is free of charge, up to the point a solution is agreed upon and provided, see Key Information and Fees for details of our fees for providing Financial Management Plans.

Financial Management Plan Example

If your monthly repayments are as follows:
Credit Card 1:
Catalogue Arrears:
Personal Loan 1:
Personal Loan 2:
After entering into an financial management plan they could be:
New monthly payment
% reduction
Payment levels are based on the affordability of applicant & subject to creditor acceptance.

Important Notice

We strongly advise you NOT to ignore communication(s) from creditors and lenders, instead, open your post, then call us immediately. Together we can discuss this and using the information, we can apply to right solution for you. Importantly, in order to get your creditors to cease calls and emails, we do need those important reference or account details, should you decide to enter in to a plan.

Why Harrington Brooks?

Harrington Brooks understand that with financial troubles, every situation is unique. We therefore take a holistic approach to debt solution, providing a full financial review, creditor action support, benefit checks and utility and media switching as part of our service.

Harrington Brooks Legal Support

Note: Creditor action support services are exclusive to Harrington Brooks clients.

Creditor Action Support - Experts on Your Side

We have excellent relationships with the majority of creditors and we’re normally successful in getting arrangements in place with their full support. However, entering into a FMP is no guarantee current recovery or legal action will be suspended or withdrawn in all situations. Creditor action to recover debts may be commenced which may involve further costs to you. If threats of action are made - Don’t worry.  We have an experienced creditor action team to help and to take action on your behalf. See Creditor Action Support »

Benefit Checking - Don't Miss Out

When reviewing your financial affairs we look to see if they are any State Benefits to which you or your may be entitled to, but are not receiving. For recipients of these claims, we help to increase their income by (on average) £900 per year. See Benefit Checking »

Utility Switching - Start Saving Today

In partnership with USwitch, we provide our clients with a Utility Comparison and Switching service. This ensures they are on the most suitable tariff for their location and usage, which can save up to £400 per year on household bills. See Utility Switching »

Harrington Brooks receives commission from USwitch for providing this service. Further information regarding the commission received can be provided upon request.