Staff at Harrington Brooks are delighted to be nominated for “The Corporate Supporter of the Year”, which is being awarded at Forever Manchester’s 25th birthday event.

The event of the year is being held in the historic Midland Hotel in Manchester, where all guests will be entertained with Mancunian acts and fine dining.  Just being nominated for the chance to win the award is an honor as it’s “In recognition of a company that has offered a meaningful and continuous effort in supporting the work we do at Forever Manchester”.

As proud supporters of the Forever Manchester charity, we have a whole table for 10 at the event. We’ve used these tickets for various fundraising activities, to gain as much as possible for the charity in the run up to the event. We’ve been involved in raffles and Bake sales where we have had so much effort from everyone at Harrington Brooks.

As of lunch time today (13th February 2015) our bake sale has raised £170 for Forever Manchester, which we couldn’t have achieved without our ‘good egg’ bakers.  All of our fantastic bakers have made a fantastic effort and got the whole office talking. It’s just another way how we’ve “demonstrated commitment, dedication and effort “in supporting this amazing charity.

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