We’ve got our own online newspaper – The Harrington Brooks Daily.

Well not really, but this is a really inovative online service from paper.li News stories can be fed to it in several ways. but we’ve got it connected to the Harrington Brooks Twitter account and so it generates stories from whom we follow.

As we follow many of the UK’s most important news sources and influential commentators in the financial and debt related areas – it makes for an interesting read.

I’m my opinion, it can be better way to follow your interests on Twitter than logging on to Twitter itself, if all you want is a  digest of the day’s most important tweets, while ingoring much of the chatter.

The paper changes once per day; and the latest version is always at: paper.li/harringtonbks/1337764641 – bookmark it.

If you want your story to appear in our paper- follow us on twitter and we’ll follow you back !