The One Advice Group, of which Harrington Brooks is a part of, has donated computers and food hampers to local organisations as part of its ongoing work in the local community.

The Group has donated 12 computers to Get Online Wythenshawe to help residents enjoy the benefits of the internet, and three to Tree of Life Wythenshawe, which works with local partners to create  sustainable resources to improve the health and wellbeing for people in Wythenshawe.

The Group’s employees have also donated clothes and shoes to the charity which helps those in need throughout the local area.

As one of the biggest employers in the local area the Group has felt a strong identity with the local region, and the donations are a part of the Group’s sustained corporate and social responsibility programme, which has included charity events, school visits and separate donations to assist the local community.

“We are honoured to be making these computer donations to Get Online Wythenshawe and Tree of Life today. The charities are doing excellent work in helping to forge an ever stronger sense of community spirit in our local area, be it through connecting people to the online world or by helping to maintain the health and wellbeing of local residents. These computers will allow the charities to continue doing what they do best – serving the people of Wythenshawe to ensure that they are able to play an active part in the local community.”

Matthew Cheetham, One Advice CEO

“Our organisation is doing great work in bringing residents into the online world. We are very grateful for this donation from the One Advice Group. Its generosity will mean that we are able to provide more local residents with the equipment they need to use the internet, a tool that has become so important in our daily lives.”

Mark Bowker, Digital Inclusion Officer, Get Online Wythenshawe

“We cannot thank the One Advice Group enough for these donations. The new computers will allow us to get on and help the people in and around Wythenshawe with adequate IT systems to support our work. It is great to see that a company as large as the One Advice Group has a strong local focus and has remained true to its roots.”

Carys Roberts, Income and Partnership Manager, Tree of Life Centre