The One Advice Group has won the DRF and DEMSA ‘Investing in the Community Award’ at the 2015 Annual Awards Dinner.



The group, of which Harrington Brooks is a part of, have been involved with several community projects during the current year.

This has featured collaborations with local charities, businesses and schools in the local area including:

  • Helping 250 pupils (including 10 job seekers) to understand the value of money, effects of lending and spending, and ensuring they are prepared to avoid financial issues in later life.
  • Donating over £6,000 for our Charity of the Year, Forever Manchester, through a range of activities and fundraising.
  • Contributing over £500 worth of food and clothes to the Tree of Life Centre, Wythenshawe.
  • Donating computers to local community groups to help residents get online and using the internet.

The Group has also nurtured relationships with a number of local Chambers of Commerce and the businesses they represent.

During the year our colleagues have provided over £8,000 of their time, skills and experience through volunteering and mentoring schemes.

“We are proud of the activity which the Group has embarked on over the last year as our main aims are to support the local communities, businesses and schools. This is something which goes hand in hand with being a responsible business that has empathy with its colleagues and customers who come to us for support and guidance. Recognition of this from our industry partners is embraced as it highlights the work we continue to do.”

Jodi Hamilton, Head of Marketing, The One Advice Group