It’s a great feeling when our clients thank us for the work we do for them, but it’s even better when they take the time and make the effort to send an hand written letter.

This is from is an IVA client, a Nurse in here early sixtys who, while in the 3rd year of her IVA in 2011 was advised to reduce her working hours by her Doctor. Her IVA was subject to a variation and IVA payments were reduced accordingly

In 2012 the client was advised to retire from nursing completely on medical grounds.

She had to date paid £11,000 into her IVA out of an an anticipated total of £16,000. We proposed to her creditors  that the IVA should be concluded with the payments made to date representing a full and final settlement. This was accepted and now our client can look forward to retirement debt free.

She sent us the following letter of thanks.

Letter of Appreciation from a happy and now debt free IVA client.

Dear Graeme,

I was so relived of the news I received about the creditors accepting the full and final settlement of the arrangement.

I have recommended Harrington Brooks to a few of my colleagues who have been in financial problems.

I found the staff at Harrington Brooks extremely helpful and understand to me every time I rang. It is such a weight off my mind when I applied for an IVA and reducing the payments each month due to my heavy outgoings each month.

Thank you so much for all the help you gave me. Now I can breath easier now I have retied early due to my health.

Your Sincerly

About Graeme Barker

Graeme is an IVA Case Administrator working in the IVA supervisory department of Harrington Brooks. He arranges and chairs variation meetings for our client’s when they are in need of changes to their arrangements. He’s been at Harrington Brooks since March 2010, originally working in debt management operations, before moving to IVA Supervisory in October 2011.

Graeme’s Comments:

Its great getting feedback from clients, makes my job feel worthwhile, I  enjoy being able to help customers when their circumstances change and knowing that we can help relieve stress from their financial situation.