Letter of thank for an Harrington Brooks IVA client

We were recently delighted to receive this letter of thanks from an IVA client. This client’s IVA agreement was successfully settled early by a full and final payment.

Dear Rechael;
The reason for this letter is to solely express our sincere appreciation for all your efforts which you and your colleagues have made on our behalf throughout the arrangement and particularly during the last couple of weeks.

We wish to mention by name; Richard North who in 2010, when things were really difficult for us made a huge difference to our daily lives by his efforts.  More recent you yourself showed us compassion and much understanding at the same time as displaying your ultimate professionalism which has been apparent throughout. It is through your single mindedness and dedication that we find ourselves in this enviable position.

In conclusion, I wish to thank Mr David Rankin for all his work on our behalf  in what has been a superb team performance.

Your Sincerely
[name withheld for client privacy]