A Thank You letter from an IVA Client. This agreement was brought to a successful early conclusion by the introduction of a lump sum when the client received a redundancy payment.

Hand Written Letter of Thank for an IVA Client

To Mark Muriel
Dear Mark,

Thanks for your call today. The agreed final settlement is a huge relief to both me and my wife.

Cheque for £10,000 enclosed. I assume I now cancel the monthly direct debit of £261.

Can I take this opportunity to give a thank you and all at your company who have assisted me through this most difficult time. Your help, understanding and kindness is appreciated greatly. I wasn’t proud of the state of my finances had become, but from initial contact through to conclusion, Harrington Brooks made me feel a valued customer and helped my self respect.

Thanks Again

(name withheld for reasons of privacy)

About the case

Our clients (Mr and Mrs X) debts built up over a 10 year period due to a reliance on credit facilities to support their living costs. Mrs X retired in 2008. Things started getting uncontrollable in 2010 and they then found sought solutions for help and turned to HB.

Mr X, who is close to retirement age, was unfortunately recently made redundant. Mr X received a redundancy package and offered just over half of this to his creditors as full and final settlement of their IVA, which was accepted at a variation meeting.

About Mark Muriel

Mark is a  Case Administrator working in the IVA supervisory department of Harrington Brooks. He arranges and chairs variation meetings for our client’s when they are in need of changes to their arrangements. He’s been at Harrington Brooks since July 2010, originally working in debt management operations, before moving to IVA Supervisory in January 2011.

Mark Comments:

It’s great working at Harrington Brooks as I get to help people resolve their difficulties, whatever they may be and assist in formulating a practical pro-active solution to their problems.