Congratulations to Anthony Watson of the Management Information Team, Harrington Brooks’ Star of the Month for July.

As one of the UK’s leading debt solutions companies, Harrington Brooks treats customer service as the single most important element of their business. Anthony’s diligent work ethic and analysis of survey feedback is vital to the service offered to clients. Anthony is awarded with £100 after tax and the esteemed title of Harrington Brooks’ Star of the Month.

Harrington Brooks CEO Matt Cheetham With Anthony Watson
Harrington Brooks’ CEO Matt Cheetham With Anthony Watson

Below are just some of the excerpts from Anthony’s many nominations this month:

“He is always willing to help anyone that approaches”

“He is always at hand to help with whosonline chat(offering advice for clients via the HB website’s online chat), and giving advice and information on the company that we didn’t know as newcomers”

“Helping the sales team when they need him, helping the content writers with his vast wisdom…”

Honourable Mentions:

Three more employees who have been singled out by your nominations for their sterling attitude to their work and their colleagues.

Ralph Ley in Finance:

“If I am needing help when doing e.g. refunds he is always willing to help even if busy, always tries to answer questions when he can…”

Lee Kennedy in Sales:

“Lee builds a good rapport with all his client’s make them feel comfortable and at ease speaking to him about their personal problems, he goes above and beyond his daily requirements, he has even spoke to a new PFM’s client and manage to keep the client on board as they were not happy with the service they were provided with originally and wanted to cancel. Lee used his skills and knowledge and enthusiasm to engage the client and turned the call around, the client stayed on board and was happy speaking to Lee…”

Clare Goward in One Advice:

“She is always helping other staff that I have seen in my short time and always happy to help and answer any queries that other members of the team have…”