As well as the success of this year’s Mission Christmas, Harrington Brooks staff have managed to raise huge quantities of food for the Tree of Life Centre in Wythenshawe.

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Francess from Tree of Life visited One Advice headquarters to explain to staff the difference their donations will make this Christmas.

Staff throughout the One Advice Group have been giving generously throughout December, picking up an extra tin here and there on lunch breaks, and on some days entire trolley loads. A call for copper coins in the plastic piggy banks on all desks at HB totalled over £200 – a notable tribute to the importance of saving the pennies as several more trolleys of breakfast cereals and cupboard goods were added on top of the ample contributions left in the drop-off boxes around the building.

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A snapshot of the mountain of food, Harrington Brooks staff raised this Christmas.

Harrington Brooks have been proud to work with Francess Davies-Tagoe and Tree of Life, donating long-lasting non-perishable food for low-income families this Christmas. Francess and Heidi Wilson paid a visit to the One Advice Group’s offices in Sale this morning, explaining how each little contribution helps and giving thanks to our Marketing team, Culture Club, and the thoughtful HB employees who gave so generously.

The Tree of Life mission statement is “to work in partnership with others to create a sustainable resource which improves the health and well being for people in Wythenshawe.” The food bank is just one of the great deeds Tree of Life offer the community – not least collecting furniture and offering classes from Tai-chi, craft groups, complementary therapy, to stop-smoking classes, mental health drop-ins and a disability jobs club. So if you would like to volunteer for this great charity, or have furniture or clothes that could go to a good home instead of the tip, please visit the Tree of Life Centre website for more information and contact details.

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Tree of Life’s Francess Davies-Tagoe (left) and Heidi Wilson (third from left) met with members of Culture Club and staff who helps organise Harrington Brooks’ food bank donations.