Harrington Brooks have released the results of their most recent customer survey, a review conducted every three months covering the full range of our customers’ experience. The results show that, yet again, on the whole, we’re improving and continuing to exceed the expectations of our clients.

The system used in analysing this experience divides customers into categories of advocates, passives and detractors. Interviews with customers are conducted by telephone, and deal with a wide variety of areas such as friendliness of staff, overall communication and particularly how likely customers might be to recommend the service to friends and family members.

Any company committed to excellence; must listen to it’s customers and always to looking to improve their experience.

The most recent quarter has shown a decrease in detractors (people who mark aspects of performance at 6 out of 10, or less) – and an increase in the overall Net Promoter Score, the overall figure on which the survey is focused.

What is the NPS?

The NPS is a system with an exacting standard demanded of achievements in customer satisfaction. Although someone  giving a rating of for example 5 or 6 out of 10 may not feel negatively towards that product or service. The NPS seeks to establish what has been done to generate high levels of enthusiasm for products and services, as these word-of-mouth recommendations for companies are very often the prime indicator of customer loyalty, which has been proven to be a crucial component in company growth.

As an expanding company in terms of both staff and customers, Harrington Brooks uses the NPS system to propel it further on towards achieving greater customer satisfaction. Although the categorisation of any score 60% or less counted as a detractor may seem overly hard, the NPS concentrates focus on areas where the important aspects of customer experience can be built upon.

“It is a very professional service. Harrington Brooks have far greater knowledge of what is possible in my situation than the common man would.” DM, Redruth

Customers rating any service or area provided by Harrington Brooks in this area, of 60% or less, amounts to just a fifth of those surveyed, meaning 80% of all clients surveyed rated performance of 7 out of 10 or above.

Areas receiving particular praise were.

  • Knowledge and professionalism of staff, including warmth of greeting and did the client feel engaged with the advisor.
  • How well information was provided
  • How well the client kept informed during the application process
  • Clarity and ease of understanding of forms and documentation extremely highly.

“I don’t have to chase anything up, they do it all for me.  What they said would happen has happened.  They keep in contact with me regularly.” SR, Bedford

There were some areas where even slight improvements may be made, in the opinion of those categorised as ‘passive’ (scoring performance at 7 or 8 out of 10) that could push their rating into the ‘advocate’ category (performance of 9 or 10), ie someone who would recommend Harrington Brooks to another. Those categories include verbal communication (explaining clearly and concisely aspects of the plan, without relying upon debt industry jargon or technical terms) and ensuring that tasks are completed in the timescale pledged.

Steps are already underway to take action on some of these aspects – Harrington Brooks have instigated a text message service informing clients of when payments have been able to be made to their creditors, and revamping the online account to enable payments to creditors to be monitored as well; all intended to improve communication and empower clients.

“I give them a call if there is a problem and they sort it out. We had a creditor contact us in a bullying way, we sent everything to Harrington Brooks and they resolved the problem for us.” PS, Torrington

The economy was the area of the survey to which respondents conveyed least enthusiasm – obviously something out of Harrington Brooks’ power to control. Clients’ views on the current economic climate saw a rise of 6% (to 83%) of those who feel pessimistic at the moment – undoubtedly a reflection of what over the last few months has been declared a double-dip recession.

Economic difficulties in an economy are not necessary for a successful debt management provider to flourish – but they certainly make a debt management company’s skills all the more necessary for a much greater number of people. This is a responsibility Harrington Brooks takes very seriously.

These quarterly Customer Reviews are intended to help build upon the already sterling service provided to an expanding customer base of over 30,000 people, and to continue to improve in providing the best customer experience possible.