In a survey deployed to new customers on 7th February 2014, the team of Personal Finance Managers at Harrington Brooks were scored highly by customers when asked to rate them about a range of things including; The quality of advice, level of knowledge and understanding and regarding their overall level of satisfaction.

Friendly telephone operator

  • 87% of customers surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that their Personal Finance Manager was able to provide them with the information needed.
  • 86% agreed that it was clear their needs had been understood.
  • 85% were pleased with the service.
  • And a whopping 81% agreed that based on their experience, they would recommend Harrington Brooks to as friend or colleague.

Harrington Brooks policy to deploy customer surveys at regular intervals during the customers journey and life cycle seems to be paying dividends, with scores trending upward consistently. Both negative and positive comments are fed back to individuals, the team and managers afterwards.

One customer commented of her Personal Finance Manager “She was kind, friendly and clear”.

This is just one of the initiatives launched in the last 12 months to ensure that Harrington Brooks operate with a clear, customer focused approach that aims at continuous improvement, monitoring and development – all with the customer experience in mind.

Survey conducted 07.02.2014, with 162 responses from 1796 invitations. Overall Likert scale average 114 (Jan 2014).