When new customers were asked recently about the level of service received from Harrington Brooks in relation to their Debt Management Plan (DMP), in all instances they rated elements of their Welcome Call very highly.


263 completed responses were received (14%) with customers asked to rate a variety of aspects of the service provided at the Welcome Call. Here’s how we faired:

  • 92% customers surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that they found the Welcome Call helpful.
  • 95% felt the advisor understood their situation.
  • 96% felt the advisor was knowledgeable.
  • 95% clearly understood what had been explained.


Importantly 84% then went on to say that they felt more reassured about their finances as a result. One customer commented “I found the company very welcoming and easy to talk to, I am so much more relaxed knowing my finances will be getting back on track, I had two welcome calls. I am very happy with Harrington Brooks and feel I have made the right choice. Thank you”.


“It’s a hard decision to contact a stranger about your personal life in fear of being judged, but the gentleman I spoke to should have a pat on the back as he was helpful, seemed a normal Joe Blogs who wasn’t condescending or judgemental. He explained everything in layman’s terms and ensured I was happy and understood the plan”. Miss N Morris, who was recommended by her friend and would recommended Harrington Brooks on again. Thank you.


Harrington Brooks  deploy customer surveys at regular intervals during the customer journey to gauge levels of service and satisfaction. We understand that it exposes some negative comments as well as positive, but all feedback is welcome. Harrington Brooks operate a policy that ensures issues reported as outstanding or which require improvement are acted upon and it’s worth noting that all comments are feed back to individuals, the team and respective managers.


This is just one of the initiatives launched in the last 12 months to ensure that Harrington Brooks operate with a clear, customer focused approach that aims at continuous improvement, monitoring and development – all with the customer experience in mind.

Our COO Terry Sweeney comments:


“We understand that our customers come to us at a time of distress, and it is vital that we provide advice that is knowledgeable and helpful, and delivered in a friendly and supportive manner. The survey results show that we have excellent staff and that the commitment to customer care is shared throughout the business.”

Survey conducted 07.02.2014, with 267 responses from 1845 invitations. Overall Likert scale average 144 (Jan 2013) and 145 (Feb 2014).