Sunday saw the first storm of the Autumn season, but despite the awful weather, the annual Bruntwood Ellipse charity bike ride went ahead and our willing HB victims (volunteers) took part and completed the course. The event, organised by Bruntwood, offers the opportunity to cycle either 10, 20 or a challenging 55 mile route.

Five staff from HB put their names forward, Marcus Roberts and Tom Edwards, (who both did the event last year), and new comers Colin Lowndes, Christopher Smith and Amanda Smith.

Get on your bikes and ride

Over 300 cyclists were registered to take part in the event, but in view of the awful weather conditions some clearly thought better of it. It was therefore fantastic to see all 5 HB employees turn out in such horrible conditions. Marcus & Tom battled with the elements on the arduous climbs, at some points in danger of being blown off their bikes, to complete the 55 mile course.

Both Colin and Chris cycled to and from the event which meant they completed nearly 45 miles on the day. Chris completed the 20 mile course in 1 hour 15 minutes coming home in third place, and Amanda also finished the 20 miles.

Macmillan Cancer Support Center in Trafford  is HB's Choose Charity.
Macmillan Cancer Support Center in Trafford is HB’s Choose Charity.

All For A Good Cause

Everyone taking part did fantastically well, especially in view of the weather, but it is the HB Chosen charity, MacMillan Wellbeing Centre that is the winner in the end. The business set a target to reach £500 in sponsorship for the HB chosen charity, though the team are hoping to reach £1,000.

Thank you to everyone who took part and all of you who made such generous donations.