CCJ Register

A CCJ will remain on The Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines record for six years from the date of Judgment.

This register will be what banks and lenders check when they decide whether to offer your credit, such as a mortgage, loan or credit card.  Having a CCJ makes it much more difficult to get accepted for credit at a sensible rate of interest.

Lots of information about CCJ's is available at

How to find out if your CCJ is on the Register

Nearly all CCJs go onto the register.  You may avoid being listed on the CCJ register if you pay the CCJ within one month or it is removed as the Court has set aside the Judgment.

Even once the CCJ has been paid, it will still remain on the CCJ register, but it will be shown as paid as a Certificate of Satisfaction will have been issued.  Those which have not been paid will be marked as unsatisfied.

How to Check the CCJ Register

Anyone can search the register but will have to pay £10 and have a vaild email address.

Details about your CCJ will be held on the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines, and is accessible by all.  This means that anyone can check information about themselves, as well as information about other individuals.

For the England and Wales, the information held on the CCJ register includes:

  • Name of Court and case number.
  • Name and address of Defendant/Offender.
  • Date and amount of Judgment, Order or Fine.
  • Satisfaction details once notified by the Court.

Why You Should Check the CCJ Register

There are a number of reasons why you would choose to check the register.  If you have been refused credit, then it is useful to check that details about your CCJ are correct.

Others may use the CCJ register to check to see what Judgments have been registered against another person or business. This can sometimes be the case for jobs in financial services, where a potential employer will perform a credit check on candidates.  Potential lenders/creditors will also check the CCJ register and use this information as a basis to decide whether to grant credit or not.

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